Extreme Shyness: Causes and Solutions

Virtually every one experiences shyness at some degree when involved in certain social situations. A certain research study even reveals that only seven percent of the adult population do not feel shy at all. That means majority of the whole population consider themselves as shy or experience shyness when participating in certain social situations. Shyness can then range from simple timidity, which is the most common type, to extreme shyness, which can be considered as a real problem. Extreme shyness, as the name suggests, can be severe. The effects of extreme shyness can be disabling, affecting the personal and professional lives of sufferers. Extremely shy people can feel depression. Moreover, they may resort to isolation because of extreme shyness.

Causes of extreme shyness

Extreme shyness can be attributed to different factors. These include negative experiences, parental upbringing, heredity or biochemistry. Self-talk that veer on negativities can also be a factor. Basically, extreme shyness is purely mental. Extremely shy individuals think that they are always being judged or criticized. They are very self-conscious that sometimes their social fears are irrational! It is also important to not that some of those who have extreme shyness are afraid to commit mistakes. They want perfection in every sense of the word that they do not want to commit social blunders. Or else they would wallow over these mistakes, making their situation personally unbearable. Extreme shyness can then be attributed to a low level of self-esteem.

Extreme shyness is also known as social anxiety disorder. Medical professionals characterize this as a debilitating social experience. The case of extreme shyness varies from one person to another, though. Some individuals are also shy when they are participating in large social gatherings or events, but otherwise feel normal when in small social settings. There are those who feel extreme shyness when introduced to total strangers, but are completely comfortable when being around people they know. Extremely shy people can overcome their condition. Many individuals have successfully overcome extreme shyness that they now lead meaningful lives without fear of a relapse.

Solutions for extreme shyness

These simple solutions can help individuals who have extreme shyness or social anxiety disorder. Consider these guidelines so that you can already feel and act comfortably in certain social situations.

-Learning necessary social skills is one solution to overcome extreme shyness. After learning these necessary social skills, these should be practiced regularly. Practice being conversant to your acquaintances every day, for example.

-Controlling the different reactions that can make one uncomfortable during feared social situations can be helpful. If you are extremely shy, you are most likely to manifest reactions that are either physical or emotional or both. It is advisable to control these to achieve a sense of comfort when participating in social situations.

-Another solution to overcome extreme shyness is by confronting the social situations that you fear instead of avoiding them. Most of the time, those who are extremely shy withdraw from the social situations they fear. In the end, they would miss on many social opportunities. Turning down chances of getting involved in events or parties all the time is not highly recommended.

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